Do you still remember your first drifting experience, the smell of tires, the sounds of the cars, the excitement, the vibes?

Everyone’s story may be different but one thing that we all share is our passion for drifting. Through drifting we have met many great people and forged friendships that we hope will last a lifetime. Along with our current driving team ‘Chasing’ we have decided to start hosting events to honor our beliefs in the true core of the drifting motorsport, a core derived from the deep roots of Japan.

Chasing JP events are all inclusive and limited space is available for each. While everyone is welcome to apply for a spot, our drivers list will be limited. Each driver in attendance will receive a full Chasing JP care package including but not limited to exclusive Chasing JP high quality layered stickers and windshield banners. While we are not biased on who can drive in the Chasing JP events we do want drivers who strive for the best in both their cars and driving style. With each application we deeply encourage our applicants to tell us their story about why you love drifting and share information and photos of your build.

For us, we will always be chasing our big brothers to the east. Japan has repeatedly pushed out some of the highest quality builds in the drifting world. They may not be full tube chassis turbo V8 hybrid drift mutants, but rather, most of the time, it is the simplicity and impeccable styling that captures our hearts. Pair that with the aggressive and raw nature of the Japanese driving style and you end up with something truly awe inspiring. We believe that one should never stop chasing their passion, no matter the age, income or social status. We are who we are, we are a family; we are a community. For many of us it is our passion and for some of us, it is everything we live for.

So ask yourself, what are you Chasing?