Back in 2007, Superwow Factory was just an idea born from our passion for quality, motorsports, and style. We discussed possible directions for the company but between the excitement of our own builds and the demands of our jobs, the development of Superwow Factory was delayed.

Around 2010, we launched our first website; Superwow Factory started as a small informative website with the look and feel of a simple Japanese parts site, with comical illustrations and animations. We sold very few Nissan S-Chassis specific products that we wanted to make available to others. Without any advertising, people seemed to find us and were interested in what we were offering. We continued to remain very low key, focusing on our builds and primary jobs for a few years, during this time the site stayed the same with minimal changes.

Disappointed with what was happening within the drifting and motorsports community—with the real roots no longer as apparent and with that the style, care and quality were fading—we decided that it was time to get Superwow Factory back online. We hoped to help spread the real roots and Japanese styling, as well as remind enthusiasts of where it all started and educate those who may not be familiar with real quality or the importance of supporting legitimate companies and manufacturers.

We at Superwow Factory wanted to try and bring more of the feeling of Japan along with everything we do. We have been working on finding ways to give back to the community that has given us so much over the years. With our products, services and builds along with our series of grassroots driving events, we hope to help spread the roots and provide something very dear to our hearts and minds: Quality.

Born in 2007. Founded in 2010. We live in Japan mentally.